Steve Kennedy

Bio – Born in California but have lived in multiple great hunting states throughout my life. When my family moved to Idaho at the age of ten, I can remember coming home from school, and it would be my job to hunt for dinner for my family. I learned the value of stalking and being stealth at a very young age. Through the years I have hunted California, Colorado, Utah, and Idaho, however none of those states prepared me for the move to the great hunting state of Iowa. The giant white tail in SW Iowa fueled my passion for hunting. White tail Deer management has become my passion. I have been guiding hunts here in Iowa for over 5 years and have discovered my other passion is helping others to have the hunt of a lifetime. Guiding and helping put someone on a great deer is very satisfying.

Jorgegio Neil

Bio for Jorgegio. Currently at the age of 33 I’ve been in love with the outdoors for many years. My passion for Hunting didn’t start for me until I moved to Iowa from California. With the help of two close friends I started with shooting a bow out in the backyard until they truly introduced me to the outdoors through hunting and fishing. Now my passion has turned to showing others the joy of the outdoors. Whether it be my daughter, family, friends, or the new faces in camp I thrive to see a smile brought to their faces and plenty of great memories to go with those smiles.